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This is a simple image processing program for converting a colour image into black and white, shaded greys, or psychedelic colours. It can read popular file formats, such as .png, .jpeg, .gif and .bmp. The filtered picture is more abstract, where the effect is slightly different to greyscale or pencil sketches and you get to decide exactly what gets drawn. This app gives the user some control over the image creation process, allowing for some artistic input. The filtered image is built up in layers, where parts of the original image can either be used or left out. You can also select any area to enhance the definition on, using an edge-finder or a smoothing algorithm. In case you are also an artist, you can free draw lines on the image as well, to complete the desired effect.Features of the application: Outlines
* User interface following the Android Design Guidelines.* Load images from your Pictures folder.* Edit to create your own unique pictures.* Filter the images and enhance with edges, smoothing or free-drawing.* Save the result to use as you wish.
To use the app, you add filtered layers of pixels, from one of 3 channels, to create a new picture from the original one. The layers can be coloured in B&W, shaded greys, or psychedelic colours. You can select what layers to include and have some control over the colouring scheme. To enhance the image further, there is an edge-finding algorithm and a smoothing algorithm. The processes can be applied to the whole image or regions that you declare through a cropping rectangle. You can also free-draw on the image to complete the picture.
To see the types of pictures that it can create, you can try the free version.
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